Is this the direction you wish to go with your health or are you interested in learning of an alternative ways to improve your health?

 "Americans spend more on medicines than do all the people of Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Australia,

New Zealand, Canada,

Mexico, Brazil, Argentina...



"US health care spending is

projected to grow 5.8% annually 

and will hit $5.6 trillion by the end of the decade"

Dan Mangan | @_DanMangan

Published 4:00 PM ET Wed, 13 July 2016 

 Updated 4:54 PM ET Wed, 13 July 2016

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Smart Pulse Technology


All you need is 3 minutes, the Smart Pulse and a connection to your mobile devices or PC

to see your personal Smart Pulse Report.

Smart Pulse is a patented diagnostic device that is both innovative and portable.

It is a patented device in Japan and Korea.

It has also received the CE Certificate of conformity with the European directive. An HRV Screening (Heart Rate Variability) device, Smart Pulse, is a simple, user-friendly, non-invasive, health screening device. The device provides measurements using Photoelectric Plethysmography, Accelerated Plethysmography, and other technologies to access overall cardiovascular and autonomic nervous system wellness.

Photoelectric Plethysmography (PTG)

PTG is a non-invasive technique for measuring the amount of blood flow present or passing through, an organ or other part of the body. Plethysmography is used to diagnose deep vein thrombosis and arterial occlusive disease.

You can quickly run a health check-up for yourself or loved one and repeat these tests weekly

to understand the progress made with your lifestyle changes.

Smart Pulse Report provides you with your status on:

· Arterial Health

· Blood Circulation

· Blood Vessel Aging & Health Condition

· Arterial Elasticity / Peripheral Elasticity


· Stress Levels

· Mental & Physical Stress

· Stress Resistance

· HRV (Heart Rate Variability)


· Track Your Progress

· Records History

· Compare Programs

· Estimate Fatigue Levels

Smart Pulse Report

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Learn through Smart Pulse what plaque may be  building in your blood vessels.


We offer Free standard shipping for US.

(Typical price for this device is $495-650)

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